Listed below are files containing work that I have decided to make freely available.


Link: Review of THE ONLY WOMAN IN THE ROOM.pdf

Sample Poems From "LIghts I Have Loved"

Link: LIghts I Have Loved, sample poems.pdf

Sample Poems From "Crossing the Equal Sign"

Link: Crossing the Equal Sign, sample poems.pdf

Sample Poems From "Sizes Only Slightly Distinct"

Link: Sizes Only Slightly Distinct, sample poems.pdf

Sample Poems From "Parables for a Rainy Day"

Link: Parables for a Rainy Day, sample poems.pdf

Sample Poems From "Closer to Dying"

Link: Closer to Dying, sample poems.pdf

Oaktag and Eyeballs: Thoughts about Childhood, Education, and Society

Link: Oaktag&Eyeballs.pdf

A Tale of Two Eyes: cataract surgery limericks


CALCULUS AMONG FRIENDS-first-two-chapters

The first two chapters of my user-friendly calculus text

This is the beginning of a user-friendly calculus text. It's how I taught calc (when I was teaching it, before I started teaching my interdisciplinary "innovative" course, Truth and Beauty: Mathematics in LIterature), and the students learned it well. Classes of students who'd previously failed calc several times were now averaging A's. The first chapter is what we usually covered the first day of class, and students were doing calc (calculating derivatives) and understanding it on that first day.

After the first two chapers of this book appear calc limericks! I wrote them for fun, and students had fun with them, too. After the limericks appears a short essay on my approach to either the first day of a calc course or the first chapter of this calc book. The approach is different from most (or all?) and works very well. There are reasons why I do things this way calculus-wise, and they're explained in the essay. Also, though, another reason not mentioned in the essay is that this is how I think of calculus; this is how I visualize it. Perhaps this post will be helpful to some.

Link: CALCULUS AMONG FRIENDS-two-chapters.pdf




This is a math paper, not poetry or creative non-fiction (like the other posts on this site). But it's poetic & creative!

A very helpful organization for well spouses (which is the subject of this book) is the Well Spouse Association; its web address is: www.wellspouse.org


Math-in-LIterature:talk-at-MathFest,includes slides and handout

talk given at MathFest conference, about a course I developed, Math in LIterature -- slides and handout also included

On Aug. 5, 2011 I gave a contributed address at MathFest, a huge math conference, in Lexington, KY. The talk was about a course I developed and teach at Arcadia U. in Glenside PA. The course is Truth and Beauty: Mathema-tics in LIterature; we read and discuss fiction and poetry that was inspired by math. The homework and discussion questions invite writings and conver-sation about the students' own lives and experiences, We grow very close as human beings, while appreciating math, lit, and the connection between the two (and life). This post includes the talk, the slides, and the handout.

Link: Math-in-lit_MathFest-talk,slides,handout.pdf

Photo of Marion Cohen

This is my photo; we were sitting around the kitchen table and Ariel said, "Let's get you on My Space..."

Link: marion-myspace-photo.jpg

book cover for "Crossing the Equal Sign"

I'm proud of the cover of my latest book, "Crossing the Equal Sign". The credit goes to fabulous artist Paul Klee.

Link: 9781891386695-cov.pdf

Permission to Add (the math limericks)

These limericks were written when I was teaching calc, diff. eq., PDE, complex, vector, prob/stat, abstract alg, etc.-- NEW! Category theory!

Even NEWER! History of Math and Mathematical Concepts (including transfinites)

Link: Permission to Add (math-teaching limericks).pdf

Info about new book!

My new book, "Crossing the Equal Sign", of poems about the experience of mathematics, is due out in December! Check out this book flyer, which includes a sample poem, a Klee drawing, and details about ordering.

Link: mathpoflyer.pdf

Not Erma Bombeck

This is a prose book, written in the mid-70's, about my experiences and my feelings with and about motherhood.

This was written during (and about" the women's movement of the 70's. My feelings about motherhood have, over the decades, changed in many ways (as explained in the Introduction), but I learned a lot then as, like a child, I went through some necessary "ages and stages".

Link: NotErmaBombeck.pdf

The Life and Habits of the Child-of-Misfortune

People usually agree I've had more than my share of misfortune, and I feel I've also had more than my share of happiness. These poems are meant to describe post-traumatic stress syndrome, NOT depression.

Link: child-of-misfortune.cwk

Cruel and Unusual

This "prose well spouse book" is a collection of related essays, the ideas gleaned from interactions with people while promoting "Dirty Details".

A very helpful organization for well spouses (which is the subject of this book) is the Well Spouse Association; its web address is: www.wellspouse.org

Link: new_cruel_and_unusual.pdf

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