Dear Math: I Hate You

Here's the link to my newest article, appearing in the journal For the Learning of Mathematics. The article is titled "Dear Math: I Hate You"

Link: http://www.flm-journal.org/index.php?do=current&lang=en

Bret Cohen's Website

This is my son Bret Cohen's site; on it are many interesting items, mostly musical -- in particular, he gives percussion lessons to serious students, on a sliding scale from $60 to $130 an hour.

Link: http://www.BretCohen.com

Back2Us Show (podcast)

Discussed "Still the End" and its prequel "Dirty Details", May 9, 2014

More Family Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Back To Us on BlogTalkRadio

Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/back2us/2014/05/09/community-connections-understanding-and-preventing-c

"Still the End: Memoir of a Nursing Home Wife"

Interview on WHYY's The Pulse, April, 2014

Link: http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/local/the-pulse/66876-caring-for-caregivers-when-their-lives-feel

Math Club Talk

"Arithmetic: More of the Story", Madison College, Madison, Wisconsin, Sept. 6, 2013

Link: http://medsiteweb.madisoncollege.edu/mediasite/Play/2b9a931bc09e4109b3716c4a46a8e5271d

Bridges 2013 Poetry Anthology

This is a math-poetry anthology, in which I have two poems. It consists of poems read at the Bridges Math/Art Conference, an annual happening at various locations.

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Bridges-2013-Poetry-Anthology-Sarah/dp/1938664051/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&q

Eratio Blogspot

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino's blog, which features math poetry

Link: http://eratio.blogspot.com

review of "Chronic Progressive" (my latest book as of 2010)

Carol Schilling of the Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database (out of NYU) has reviewed my new book. She gets it!

Link: http://litmed.med.nyu.edu/Annotation?action=view&annid=13312

Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database

a VERY comprehensive site, containing reviews of art and literature which pertains to medicine, from all perspectives (professionals, patients, family members). The reviews are extremely thoughtful (and often long enough...).

Link: http://litmed.med.nyu.edu

Huge Pathetic Force

This is my husband Jon Johanning's blog, with lost of posts containing his (and my) beliefs about politics and religion. He's always brilliant and always right! AND Huge Pathetic Force PRESS published my chapbook, "Surviving the Alphabet".

Link: http://web.me.com/zenner41

WATCH my readings more easily!

The same poetry reading as the previous post, but on a bigger screen

Link: http://gallery.mac.com/zenner41#100000

WATCH my readings!

In April 2008 I read at Robins Bookstore (in Phila.), to receive th John and Rose Petracca and family Award, for my poem "The Autistic Savant", which appeared in Philadelphia Poets

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7070yRIIlfY

Listen to my readings!

Here are several recordings of my most recent readings. The last one, at the Penn Bookstore, is esp. interactive.

Link: http://homepage.mac.com/zenner41

second review of new book!

MAA Online (Math'l Assoc. of Amer.) just gave me, and JoAnne Growney (for "My Dance Is Math'cs" a wonderful review!

Link: http://mathdl.maa.org/mathDL

first review of new book!

"Crossing the Equal Sign" was just released in March, and its first review appears in the Phila. City Paper, online. It says some nice things, and I'm excited!

Link: http://www.citypaper.net/articles/2007/03-22-nonfiction-shorts


"poetrymath and other hybrid ventures" -- Find out about her book of math poems.

Link: http://joannegrowney.com

Plain View Press

This press has been publishing all sorts of cool books over the past 30 years -- including, around December 2006, my very own "Crossing the Equal Sign"! This is my book of "math poems" -- poems about the experience of math, which in my case means both doing math research and how that effects and is effected by the rest of my life. I hope you'll check out this and their other books! (Sample poems from "Crossing..." can be found on this site, under the posting "Crossing the Equal Sign".)

Link: http://www.plainviewpress.net


everything you ever wanted to know -- and wanted OTHERS to know -- about thrifting. Lists of thrift (as opposed to resale and consignment) stores in every state, forum topics, a forthcoming online thrifting magazine, etc.

Link: http://thethriftshopper.com

Well Spouse Association

The Well Spouse Association is a national, not for profit membership organization which gives support to wives, husbands, and partners of the chronically ill and/or disabled.

Link: http://www.wellspouse.org