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2203 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

Ph.D. Wesleyan University, CT, 1970 (thesis advisor in absentia, Laurent
Schwartz Universite de Paris)
M.A., Wesleyan University, CT, 1966
B.A., New York University, NY, 1964

Drexel University Pennoni Honors College, Sept. 2018 to present
Arcadia University, Sept. ’08 to May ’18
University of Pennsylvania, August ’05 to May ’06
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP), fall ’03 to present Philadelphia University, academic year ’02-’03
Philadelphia Community College, fall ’02
Rosemont College, winter ’02
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, winter ’02
Widener University, fall ’01 Drexel University, ’97-’01
Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences (now Philadelphia University), ’96-97
Temple University, ’91-’95
Drexel University, ’76-–78, ’84
Community College of Philadelphia, ’73
City College of new York, ’71
The Satinsky Institute (high school), ’90
Temple University Center City (adult school, Math Anxiety Workshop, ’76-’96)

Exact Fields of Charge and Mass Distributions in General Relativity
Nuovo Cimento, (l969), 60B, 241
Mach’s Principle and General Relativity, The Physics Teacher (l969), 7 No. 4, 241
Distribution Theory and Thin Shells in General Relativity and Gravitation (l970), ed. A Peres and C. Kuper, Gordon and Breach,
NY Differential Operators and Distributions in General Relativity, GRG (l975) The Value of the Heaviside Function at Zero, Fosenfestschrift Conference Proceed- ings (l970)
The Value of a Distribution at a Point, Math. Zeit, 122, l0l-3 (l969)
Chapbook of math poems, The Weirdest Is the Sphere, Seven Woods Press, NY, l979
Many math poems published in poetry journals and in mathematics journals (most recent, June–04 issue of American Mathematical Monthly, and the current issue of the online Journal of Humanistic Mathematics) 20 other books, poetry and creative non-fiction 
Dirty Details: The Days and Nights of a Well Spouse, Temple University Press)
Many book reviews in the American Mathematical Monthly, The Mathematical Intelligencer, and MAA Online (most recently Conversations with a Mathematician, by Gregory Chaitin and Drawbridge Up by Hans M. Enzensberger)
Four Calculus Qualms, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, ’02 
Crossing the Equal Sign, Bridges Conference Proceedings, ’03
letters in Focus and in Association for Women in Mathematics Newsletter Math papers submitted: Tiling the Plane by Regular Polygons: More of the Story and Arithmetic: More of the Story Papers in progress: Arithmetics on Q+: More of the Story and A Ton of Bricks

invited paper at International Conference on Relativity and Gravitations, Haifa, Israel, ’69
reading of math poems at Philadelphia Science Fiction Society meeting, Inter- national House, Phila, PA ’90 reading of math poems at Temple University, for high school students, ’93 exhibit and reading of math poems at Drexel University’s Women’s Month Exhibit, ’98 presented at math options, one-day conference for seventh grade girls at Penn State University, ’98, ’99 reading and exhibit of math poems at Mathematics Graduate Organization con- ference, Syracuse, NY ’01 reading of math poems, Drexel Writing Center, ‘0l reading of math poems, Viewpoints Conference, ’00, ‘0l, ’02 reading of math poems, Bryn Mawr College, PA, ’02 poetry reading, Drexel University, ’02 guest speaker at Arcadia, Personal Writing for Publications Crossing the Equal Sign, Bridges Conference, MD, July ’02 poetry reading, University of the Sciences, ’03 reading of math poems, Philadelphia University, ’04 featured and interviewed in the Elixir, literary magazine of University of the Sciences in Philadelphia several poetry readings locally Poster Session, two posters, Introducing the Product Rule and Math Limericks, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, 5-14-04

children: Marielle Joy, Arin Scot, Bret Andrew, Devin Asher grandchildren: Jack Aidan, Shane Anam, Bryn Audrey

writing poetry and creative non-fiction, classical piano, singing, thrift-shopping, thrift-shopping, home-schooling, active in the National Well Spouse Foundation, contact person for Pennsylvania Home Education network, active with Pennsylvania Abolitionists United against the Death Penalty