Jan 13 20

My Books


Here is a list of my books, from “The Weirdest Is the Sphere” (“math poems”, 1979) to my two latest (published in the same week!), the flyers of which appear on my home page.

The Weirdest Is the Sphere (poems inspired by math — there’s no ACTUAL math in it!), Seven Woods Press, NY, 1979

Tuesday Nights (anthology of women’s poetry, poems read at a series coordinated by Wemara and me), self-published with a grant from Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, 1977

An Ambitious Sort of Grief (diary of neonatal loss), Ide House, TX, 1983, and The Liberal Press, TX, 1985

The Shadow of an Angel (diary of subsequent pregnancy), The Liberal Press, TX, 1985

A Garden Flower (diary of life with the new Cesarean baby), The Liberal Press, TX, 1985

The Temper Tantrum Book (poetry), WordWorker, PA, 1983

Mother Poet (ed., with four others — anthology of poetry about motherhood), MOTHERING Publications, NM, 1984

She Was Born She Died (poems about my horrible experience with neonatal loss, and a few about the subsequent pregnancy), Centering Corp., NM, 1984

The Sitting-Down Hug (the first in what I call “the well spouse poetry trilogy” — A well spouse is a person whose spouse is chronically NOT well), The Liberal Press, TX, 1987

Counting to Zero (miscarriage poems), Center for Thanatology Research, NY, 1987

The Limits of Miracles (ed., anthology of poems about the loss of babies), Bergin and Garvey, MA, 1988

The Level of Doorknobs (poems and prose about being a well spouse), Centering Corp., NM, 1988

Extreme Points (booklet to accompany exhibit of my poems and Anna Moon’s “well spouse photography”), Center for Thanatology Research, NY, 1988

These Covers to Crawl Under (the solipsist poems), MAF Press, MA, 1989

Dirty Details: The Days and Nights of a Well Spouse (at-home caregiving memoir), Temple University Press, PA 1995

Epsilon Country (the second in “the well spouse poetry trilogy”), Center for Thanatology Research, NY, 1995

Crossing the Equal Sign (poems about the experience of, and my passion for, math), Plain View Press, TX, 2007

Surviving the Alphabet, husband-published (rather than self-published! — a chapbook of “collected poems”), Huge Pathetic Force Press, PA, 2007

Chronic Progressive (the third in “the well spouse poetry trilogy”), Plain View Press, TX, 2009

Parables for a Rainy Day (poems/parables), Green Fuse Poetic Arts, CO, 2013

Sizes Only Slightly Distinct (more poems/parables), Green Fuse Poetic Arts, CO, 2014

Still the End: Memoir of a Nursing Home Wife, Unlimited Publishing, 2014

Lights I Have Loved (poetry), Red Dashboard Press, PA, 2014

Closer to Dying (poetry), WordTech Communications, OH, 2016

What I’m Wearing Today (poems about thrift-shopping), dancing girl press, 2016)

Truth and Beauty (poems about the interaction in the course I developed, Mathematics in Literature), WordTech Communications, 2017

New Heights in Non-Structure (poems about my views on children, education, and society), dancing girl press, IL, 2018

The Project of Being Alive (poetry), New Plains Press, AL, 2018

The Discontinuity at the Waistline: My #MeToo Poems (about societal micro-aggressions; I have never been raped or assaulted but…), Rhythm and Bones Press, PA, 2019

The Fuss and the Fury (poetry written 30 years previous, after the joyous and Angst-y time of my life after having my last baby), Alien Buddha Press, 2019