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I’m Marion, short for Marion Deutsche Cohen. I’ve been a poet/writer for something like 45 years, and a mathematician and math lover for more than that. My “training” in math has been the expected — colleges, degrees, and so on. But my training in writing has been the opposite; I’m pretty much self taught. I ‘ve taken no more writing courses than anybody else with an undergraduate degree, and no more than were required. Both ways of learning have been helpful to me.

Another difference in the roles that math and writing have played in my life and work: Math is my MAIN passion. BUT I PUBLISH more writings (many, though, about math…).

You can find info about my books and other exciting-to-me things, on the various pages of this site; in particular, check out “Essays”. Also, CHECK JUST UNDER THIS “GREETING” FOR UP-TO-DATE INFO, like the three new books this academic year, including two released during the same week! But just to get us acquainted, here’s a summary, what I usually use as a “Short Author Bio” for readings, presentations, and publications:

— Marion Deutsche Cohen is the author of 29 collections of poetry or memoir; her latest poetry collections are “The Project of Being Alive” (New Plains Press, AL) and “New Heights in Non-Structure” (dancing girl press, IL)., as well as the just-released “The Discontinuity at the Waistline: My #MeToo Poems” (Rhythm and Bones Press, PA) and “The Fuss and the Fury” (Alien Buddha Press, NM). She is also the author of two controversial memoirs about spousal chronic illness, a trilogy diary of late-pregnancy loss, and “Crossing the Equal Sign”, about the experience of and her passion for mathematics. She teaches a course she developed, Mathematics in Literature, at Arcadia and at Drexel Universities. Other interests are classical piano, singing, Scrabble, thrift-shopping, four grown children, and five grands.

— Currently, I’ve just finished teaching “Societal Issues on the College Campus” at Drexel’s Honors College; I’ve dreamed for years of teaching this course that I developed. And I’m also the author of something like ten UNpublished books and chapbooks, for which I spend a good part of my writing life working on finding publishers. One of my big wishes is to find one to whom I can simply send my manuscripts, as I write them (even when I write three or four book-length manuscripts a year…). (I think of myself as a poet/writer who’s “made it” but not made it BIG, and as such I don’t expect to find an agent.)

My so-far unpublished books are:

“Lessons from The Back Pain Book”, written from personal experience

“Harmonizing: In Memory of a Wonderful Friendship”; the “wonderful friendship” was with my singing partner at the time, before she developed dementia that precluded such friendship; we used to sing opera joyfully (I also played the piano accompaniment.)

“Negative Aspects”, which is a sort of sequel to “New Heights in Non-Structure” (dancing girl press); both are about ways of relating to children and to one another, and include a heavy recommendation for home-schooling

“The Essence of Seventh Grade: A Sort of Autobiography”, which is about lots of things, not only me. To give some idea, the three sections of that future book are titled “Don’t”, “Not a Good Fit”, and “Shameless Self-Promotion”.

“Disturbing Shapes”, one of my rare books that are (apparently) unthemed

“Paralyzed Objects”, ditto

“Recipe for Reality”, ditto-ditto

“Stories I Like to Tell” (and at least one story that I DON’T like to tell…)

“Piano”, probably self-explanatory

— I might have forgotten some at the moment! But I’ve been pleased that most of what I consider my important books – politically as well as personally – are in print (if not in bookstores or reviewed by The New York Times…). Whenever something happens to me – in particular late pregnancy loss (latEST pregnancy loss…), spousal chronic illness, and math (yes, math) – I seem to write several books about it! That’s not bragging; writers, writing styles, and writing M.O.’s vary among writers. I believe that a writer’s repertoire is what it is, and part of her statement(s) as a writer and person.

— I’ve also been pleased that my life, for the past 16 ½ years has been quite happy. With as many children as I’d hope to have (4, living) and as many husbands (1), and having connected with the world in important-to-me ways, I’m happy and satisfied.

— Anyway, all that said, I’m glad to meet you! I hope that Google will help those of you who feel a connection to find me! Meaning, I hope I WILL meet you! So if you have anything to share about anything on this site, please write me through the “Contact” page of this site. I will be happy to hear from you! (Now, don’t forget to check directly below!)